No fly list – Is it really efficient?

On November 10, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Karina Popa

Basically, the No fly fist is considered a pre-crime profile without scientific basis, which means that it is not really that efficient. Some people get included by mistake because their name is similar to somebody on the list, or they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This list is highly classified, meaning that people do not have the right to know if / why their name is included, and to deal with evidence used as a basis of their inclusion. They do not have any choice, and when confronting the government, this is claimed to be a “state secret”.

Individuals on the No fly list badly need a strong due process protection.  Most of them wind up on the list by a quirk of fate without any legitimate proof.

This confidential list is an offense to every individual’s right to travel, and a clear picture of the government going crazy. This has nothing to do with partisan politics, since the list first appeared under a Republican administration, expanded under a Democrat government – though undoubtedly out of line and against American liberty. It can be frightening, and at the same time strange, to know that the list is used to deny a person’s right to travel.

The TSA is in charge of the list and the circuit courts alone can review people who were added to it. When it comes to the alleged facts, judges have to comply with the TSA’s judgment, and they are given permission to review the administrative record created and given by the TSA.

Until now, the TSA does not say anythting about the No fly list names (which makes it hard to remove yours because you do not know if you are included). In addition, the TSA does not divulge the reason for their inclusion.

The decision to add a person on the No fly list depends on predictive pre-crime profiling, rather than real evidence as regards to an individual’s intentions or behavior. This is a “big advancement” in the justice system.

When a close relative is suspected of involvement with terrorists, your name can be added to the list. Or else, you may happen to be in the wrong place and time. Maybe an FBI agent made the mistake of checking the wrong box on a form, or forgot to check a box. The government claims the list to be a top “state secret”, that is why there is no way to know the basis.

Whatever the rules are, they should be fulfilled based on understanding what in the world we are talking of. The alleged No fly list aims to declare people guilty, even with no valid evidence or way to deal with the evidence used against them in order to prove they have not committed any offense.

Being included on the No fly list, also known as terror watch list, is no reason to prevent people from working in a mosque. It should not deny them a right to a jury trial. Moreover, it should not permit government soldiers to just barge inside your home or just take away other rights.

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